Webtalk ຂ່າວການປັບປຸງໂດຍ RJ Garbowicz - 2019-12-30

WEBTALK ກຳ ລັງຈະມາ ສຳ ລັບປີ ໃໝ່!

ກຳ ລັງຈະມາຮອດເດືອນມັງກອນ 2020 ** ເຖິງ WEBTALK...

MENU ແຈ້ງການໃຫ້ລາງວັນ ໃໝ່

The ‘Gift’ icon in the header will become the source for all rewards program notifications

> New Referral Notifications
> New PRO Customer Referral Notifications
> New Points Earned Notifications
> New Commissions Awarded Notifications
> Direct Deposit Payment Notifications


> Brand New Design
> Share Consolidation
> Multiple Emojis
> New Like, Comment & Share icons
> Post Views

ຈຸດລາງວັນ AD v1.0 (AKA Free Money Campaign)

50% of our Ad ລາຍໄດ້ will be given away monthly so all Webtalk members can earn points that redeem for cash as payment for your activities including…

> Engagement
> Great Content Creation
> Referrals (100% matching points)

We are also trying to launch these additional updates and new services next month if we squeeze them into the roadmap…

> SocialCRM v3.0 with our new Home & Personal Service Provider CRM
> Webtalk ການເດີນທາງ
> Webtalk Swag Store (Limited-Edition Promo)

ທີ່​ມາ​: https://www.webtalkco / n / 623284

ປັບປຸງ ໃໝ່ ຫຼ້າສຸດ